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Social media is all about starting a conversation, and with an increasing amount of Australia’s screen time being spent on websites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter the chatter is only growing louder. Although you may not be aware of it, your business has already joined the conversation and people are spreading the word about your business online. It might be a Facebook check-in at your café, or a quick tweet reviewing the customer service at your shop; people are sharing their experiences of your business with their friends and family online. This is why fostering an active and engaged audience across a range of various platforms is becoming an increasingly important part of many businesses’ marketing campaign. Our social media marketing firm can offer you a great consultant service and help ‘spread the good word’ about your business.

Striking up a positive conversation

To get the most out of your online presence you need a social media marketing agency that understands your business and your customers. PopSocial is a locally-based social media marketing company in Melbourne; with a local business comes local knowledge, and our team of gurus know the city and its people. We work on a one-to-one basis to understand your business, then develop a campaign strategy that is best suited to your company and its audience. Our vigilant marketing management services closely monitor your online campaign and actively engage in the conversation with a positive portrayal of your company. While we can’t control what people say, our social media consultants can steer the conversation in a positive direction to effectively manage your business’ reputation.

Crafting your unique voice

A social media business in Melbourne that gains the most out of their efforts are those with a unique voice that’s creating and sharing content relevant to their customers. It might be a cute photo of a new product uploaded to Pinterest, an interesting article posted to Facebook, or a silly tweet on a Friday afternoon – all of these things make up your online presence and engages your audience. As the leading social media marketing firm in Melbourne, our expert consulting services will help you develop a presence across various platforms that’s both interesting and relevant to your customers. We work hard to understand your business and its core values, so the voice that comes from our team is genuine and an accurate reflection of your company.

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